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Updated: Mar 18

If you’re a Spotify free plan user, it’s obvious for you to know how it ensures loads of music, an intuitive interface, exceptional discovery features, pro audio quality, and more.

You may have thought, “what is a premium feature in Spotify?” Like many others, you may also have the curiosity to find out whether Spotify Premium is worth the money or not. The dilemma of sticking with the free plan or upgrading to the premium plan is real.

So, take a glance at what each plan brings and determine whether Spotify Premium is worth a monthly investment.


No matter the frequency at which you use Spotify in a month, Spotify Premium will always be an excellent investment decision.

At a reasonable price, Spotify Premium lets you enjoy top-quality music, the ability to download and save music, and no ad interruptions. A minimal charge in exchange for an unlimited music streaming experience is excellent.

Plus, it has no risk for the trial period, so why not get the most of it for a while and see for yourself whether it’s worth the premium price or not. COMPARISON BETWEEN SPOTIFY FREE AND PREMIUM BENEFITS


Spotify Free is your gateway to a heavenly music collection at zero cost.

All you have to do is sign up to Spotify using your Google or Facebook account. It can be used across all platforms, including your Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS, via the Spotify Apps.

Spotify Free on desktop won’t impose too many restrictions and enable you to pick any album, artist, song, or playlist. Keeping aside the ads after every few songs, it doesn’t keep you distant from any of its other features.

However, on mobile, Spotify does make you feel limited. Although you’ll have access to their catalog, you’ll be forced to listen to music in their shuffle mode. It means you’ll be restricted from listening to any album straight through.

Plus, you’ll have to stay online to listen to music on Spotify Free. It means you won’t be able to download music or listen to it in airplane mode.


Taking a step forward to upgrade your music streaming experience with Spotify Premium can bring many benefits. The premium subscription plan saves you from those annoying ads in between your music spree.

Apart from no-ad service, Spotify Premium lets you enjoy complete access on mobile devices. You won’t be limited to shuffling, and you’ll get to access Radio and more. Most importantly, you’ll be able to listen to your favorite at the highest possible audio quality (it offers the best compression rate of 360kbps).

Premium also enables you to enjoy an offline music listening experience. It lets you save up to 3,333 songs each on three devices. The only thing is that you’ll have to come online once every 30 days to listen to offline music. If you’re still wondering, “what is Spotify Premium and how good can it be,” then there’s your answer.


Spotify premium is a great deal for all, no matter how frequently you use it in a month.

If you look properly, you’ll find that you benefit from a vast music library with unlimited music, albums and artists, top-quality music, download and offline listening option, and most importantly, no ad interruption at the cost of a single digital album per month.

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